I Want To Believe
Russia, 2017
The project has been done during the art residence in the Metenkov House - Museum of Photography, Yekaterinburg.

Everyone lives in their own universe. Reality is a construction of the perceptions held within the mind. We all have been started to form our views in our childhood listening to the adults. Only later we were able to compare, to think how it is subjective. I believe, I don’t believe. Love me, love me not. What makes us agree or disagree with others? What do we believe in?

Imagine a room, a flying ship, a planet where you have never been before. You believe. Everything happening around you is real, but you can't do anything and you can't control. The person next to you is a friend. He talks about good and evil, about the sun rising in the morning. Fire is hot, and the stars are big and bright. He says that everything is ahead, that people are beautiful, and the world is so big. All the doors are open before us, you could choose any of them. He talks about love, and he does not have enough words. He is silent, because at that moment his heart speaks.
Then your friend talks about time. He says it does not exist. We can change our past and future. He talks about birds flying to the south every winter. They always did like 100 and 200 years ago. He says that they can fly over the rainbow and to see it from the other side. He talks about sense of our life. Why do we live? He does not just explain simple things - he raises many questions. You are growing up. You are there on that new planet. And you will remember everything. You won't forget.
There are still many roads ahead. You are learning to scent the smell of spring in the air and the fragrance of flowers, the sound of the sea. You believe that the friend will be always there if you need him. An you will be there as well.

Fairy tales teach that good always wins over evil, but in real life sometimes it doesn't. People grow up and stop believing in fairy tales. A person without a strong belief in himself chooses a wrong way lost in his self-doubts. To believe in love is essential like to breath. The belief in good things helps to fight, to find your own way and not to give up. The belief in loved ones gives you a chance not to stay alone and to be human. I believe, therefore I am.