Russia, Volga river, 2014-2019

No need for a map; you are careless or else you know your way. Many people in Russia have been trying to find their way, their personal island, without reaching for a map. Take one of the world’s greatest novelist, Leo Tolstoy: he chose the simple life of a peasant for a variety of personal reasons, among them spirituality.

In modern Russia many of those who move from cities to the villages giving up high-powered jobs and significant income, choose this other way for the sake of their family, their children or to achieve some personal goals. Social space changes physical areas too. One day those people decided to return to their true self, to their hopes and dreams, those who are searching for meaning in their lives. They refuse consumerism, high social status and financial stability for the sake of moral, spiritual and health benefits. They want to build their own new world, and their search for their own islands takes them to the Volga river.