The Last Peaceful Day, 2021
Installation view, Winzavod.Open, Winzavod Gallery, Moscow, Russia
Ready made objects, photography.
'The last peaceful day' is a historical reenactment that the southwestern city of Brest, Belarus, began to put on in 2011. Participants recreate the events of June 21, 1941 — the last peaceful day before the Soviet Union’s entry into the Second World War, and the beginning of the defense of the Brest Fortress (the first major battle of the Axis invasion of the USSR). In 2020, Brest was forced to cancel its annual historical reenactment because of the coronavirus pandemic.
The 'Last Peaceful Day' project is an installation about our common past.
The installation consists of boxes made during the Soviet times in Belarus. There were such boxes in almost every family in the USSR. People kept their personal belongings, letters, photos, and some secrets in them. Collective memory is mixed with those private memories of each family, some personal stories. In real life, there are also two lines - real people from today and characters of reenactments from the past. By arranging mosaics of the past and present, we all build our common history.