Beslan Identity
Beslan, Nothern Ossetia, Russia, 2011-2012

Number of years have passed since the siege of School № 1 in Beslan in North Ossetia. 334 dead, 186 of them children — the worst act of terrorism in Russia's history. Today, the town exists as a living memorial to the victims of the massacre. I took pictures of pupils at School #1 — all of whom are about the same age as the attack. Ordinary children. They enjoy playing, messing around, painting their faces. But the tragedy of eight years ago will not let them be.

Totraz Kusov, 12, Valera Sokolov, 12, Soslan Esiev, 12: My name is Valera. I'm called Toti. And I'm Soslan. I live here... I'm an Ossetian. I'm also an Ossetian. Me too."