I Want To Believe, 2017
Installation view, CCI Fabrica, Moscow, 2020
Installation is a part of I Want To Believe project by Oksana Yushko and Arthur Bondar. Created during the Metenkov Museum art residency in 2017

I Want to Believe project explores the source of our believes and confronts the blurring balance between ‘yes’ and ‘no’. The black and white pyramid, a monument to our perceptions and views, is made of uniform serpentine stones from the Ural mountains, painted in two opposite colors. Artists make reference to the Iceberg model and direct our gaze toward what is not obvious and questionable.
During the Soviet times to believe in UFO was illegal. Limitations and restrictions on the right to freedom of beliefs still exist. The state propaganda constructed its own beliefs and ideology. The photographs, taken by the artists in the M Triangle in the Ural mountains known for UFO phenomena, form another triangle of facts, conspiracy theories, open-ended questions and ask which narratives we want to believe and why?

Installation view at CCI Fabrica, Moscow, 2020