Safety Screen / Защитный Экран, 2020
Installation view of Safety Screen, Pordenone, Italy, 2020

Safety Screen installation depicts the world of multiple screens representing different realities. Six panoramic landscapes became an instrument for orientation, a direction, a horizon in a safe virtual world. Instead of real traveling Yushko had been doing virtual site tours via FaceTime App and a mediator, photographing beautiful Italian landscapes day by day. These screens make a viewer feel safe and sound, but just a small hole permitted light to enter makes nature visible. A dark isolated room with the camera obscura mirrors the external world projecting upside down. A safety screen installed everywhere helps us observe social distancing, forming a physical barrier, a safe environment. A glass screen is installed in the vineyard outside the room with a line imitating and suggesting a mountain range. But actually the line depicts reported coronavirus cases in Italy last year. The reality we observe depends on the context and the viewer. Whilst we may be able to escape in a temporal world behind the ‘screen’, this experience uses as a tool to rethink our relationship with nature.

A walk. Video from Safety Screen Project. Moscow, Russia, 2020