A Bridge Too Far, 2022 (ongoing)
Installation view, Ria Keburia Gallery, Kachreti, Georgia
by Arthur Bondar and Oksana Yushko

A Bridge Too Far project explores existing and new interactions, finding out interconnectedness of various elements beyond the simple dichotomy of the complex world.
Encouraging ability to see things from multiple perspectives, the project metaphorically indicates a step that is too ambitious or overreaching in a time of war.
The project calls to actions to start a journey of a thousand miles beginning with a single step, bringing attention to the important issues, raises questions about current political and ecological thinking.
Building bridges we unveil and visualize the hidden connections, bringing to the light need of support, span and foundation.

A glass, a protective screen between two realities prevents interaction and makes impossible to listen to each other.
‘Mind the gap’ became an essential warning. Bridging this gap the artists reveal connections which exist between separated things, reflecting on existing relationships, real or fake interactions, ‘making kin in a world that rips us apart from each other’.