Part I. Herbarium
The Baltic Sea region, 2016-2020

Relationships between human and nature is a topic of discussion and of our future existence. Field studies in my project could be a playful example of how we deal with it and how we could interact with children concerning this topic. Classifying humans as part of nature and behaving so, we go further in our investigations and responsibilities. Biodiversity is the 'infrastructure that supports all life'. The same way in a play we use a box of bricks to construct something viable. Comparing, analyzing, collecting, studying as Carl Linnaeus did in 1735, we build our future all together.
And as Timothy Morton says: “The ecological crisis we face is so obvious that it becomes easy -- for some, strangely or frighteningly easy -- to join the dots and see that everything is interconnected. This is the ecological thought. And the more we consider it, the more our world opens up.”